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Cirkulärborste 180 x 20.0 mm Artikelnummer: 61-836
Förp. Storlek: 1 Enhet: STYCK

New model series!!

Clamping height 3.5 mm, thus no incorrect mounting of the thrust washer, safe mounting with the original thrust washers of the scythe manufacturers. 

Steeper fill arrangement, thus increase of the service life. 

Weight reduction of up to 15%, thus less effort required. 

Gentle on the gearbox and pleasant to work with thanks to smoother running. 

Can be mounted on less powerful motor and battery-powered scythes.


Brass-plated steel wire, thus particularly corrosion-protected. Good abrasion up to the wear limit.  Suitable for curbs, asphalt, grass pavers and concrete surfaces. Very good cleaning performance with high and dense growth of grass, weeds and moss.  


∙ Brass-plated steel bristles, STM 0.50 


∙ Outer Ø: 180.0 mm


∙ Inner Ø: 20.0 mm 


∙ Clamping height: 3.5 mm


∙ Usable bristle length: 36.0 mm


∙ Max. working speed: 8000 rpm

Hål-Ø i mm




Max varvtal - r/min


Tråd-Ø i mm


Ytter-Ø i mm