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Bärbart kraftverk 200 watt Artikelnummer: 065002401
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Portable Power Station 200 Watt
The Power Station is the perfect companion for travelling, camping or other outdoor hobbies. For charging your mobile phone, camera, Bluetooth speaker or as a power supply for your cool box.
The portable 200-watt station offers four USB ports, two USB-C ports, three DC ports and a 230-volt AC port suitable for all end devices.
Thanks to the integrated LED lamp, the Power Station will not let you down even in the dark. 
The display shows the charging status and the set mode (alternating current or direct current).
The Power Station can be charged either at home with the supplied network cable or in the car with the 12V plug. If none of these power sources are available, the station can also be charged completely independently with a solar panel.
The charging time from 0 to 100 % is approx. 8-9 hours. 
The lifespan of your Power Station is over 500 charging cycles.

- Modified sine wave for 230-volt output
- 222Wh 20Ah/11.1 Volt (60000mA/3.7V) lithium-ion battery pack
- Bright LED lamp (with additional flashing & SOS mode)
- Input charging socket: 15 volts / 3 amps
- Temperature range for use and storage: -10°C to +40°C
- Many connection options and adapters included
- 3 x 12 volt DC output 5.5/2.1mm 9~12.6V/10V/15V max.
- 2 x USB 5V-2.1A (Total: 3.1A max.)
- 1 x USB 5V/2.4A
- 1 x USB 5~9V/2A QuickCharger3.0
- 2 x USB C 5~9V/2A QuickCharger3.0
- 1 x 230 Volt AC output (200 Watt continuous power)



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